The Coercion skill involves your effectiveness in negotiation, leadership and commerce. Among other things the skill will allow you to barter for better prices, influence others and control more minions.

Abilities Gained:

  •    Feint - use FEINT against an advanced target to lower their defense and reset their balance                     
  •    Commerce - receive a discount while buying goods and a premium while selling             
  •    Leadership - increases the maximum amount of pets you can control at once by 1             
  •    Propagate - use SENSE to see the locations of shops and quests in your current area               
  •    Loyal Sacrifice - restores some health whenever you dismiss a pet             
  •    Commanding Presence - increases the health and power of your pets
  •    Feign Death - use FEIGN to pretend the next attack against you is fatal, confusing monsters                 
  •    Intimidation - humanoid monsters below your level will not be hostile to you