Students of Illusion Magic attempt to gain an advantage in various situations or directly impact how reality is perceived, usually by bending light and conjuring visions.

Spells Gained:

  •    Illusory Force - uses an invisible force to shove the target violently         
  •    Deflection - causes the next incoming offensive spell to be redirected back at the caster               
  •    Unlock - attempts to conjure a key for the targeted door's lock                   
  •    Conjure Food - creates food that can be eaten to restore health         
  •    Fireflies - attempts to distract the target and makes them easier to hit                 
  •    Prismatic Shield - conjures a shield of colorful light around the target, increasing all resistances     
  •    Silence - causes the target to be unable to speak or cast spells                   
  •    Invisibility - allows the friendly target to temporarily move about unseen               
  •    Calm - pacifies the target monster, reducing their damage dealt                      
  •    Mirror Image - conjures three illusory copies of the caster to confuse enemies