The Marksmanship skill centers around the use of ranged combat weapons such as bows and crossbows. These weapons do not require you to ADVANCE on the target before you ATTACK.

Abilities Gained:

  •    Ranged Weaponry - increases damage and surge when attacking with bows and crossbows               
  •    Clean Kill - bows and crossbows deal more damage against targets with full health                     
  •    Focused Aim - Use AIM, wait and then FIRE, holding longer to increase the next attack               
  •    Volley - fires a volley of arrows or bolts, attacking all monsters you're not engaging                         
  •    Hobble Shot - attacks with bows and crossbows will slow targets engaging you                         
  •    Tether Shot - use TETHER to fire a shot which prevents the target from flying or advancing                         
  •    Piercing Shot - ranged attacks will ignore some armor against targets who are unable to move             
  •    Rapid Fire - if you AIM for 6 seconds before you FIRE, attack speed is temporarily increased                 
  •    Trick Quiver - allows you to enhance your arrows or bolts with an elemental attack