The Mysticism skill centers around your relationship with the raw, unseen magical energies present throughout the realms. Training the skill improves your mana regeneration, spell resistance and also provides access to mystical abilities which are not cast as traditional spells.

Abilities Gained:

  •    Mystic Karma - increases your mana regeneration         
  •    Meditation - use MEDITATE for improved rest, sometimes seeing visions of quest hints               
  •    Salvage Essence - restores some mana whenever you dismiss a pet   
  •    Mental Clarity - increases your psychic damage and resistance         
  •    Levitation - after meditating for some time, you will begin to levitate above the ground                 
  •    Arcane Resistance - increases all of your magical resistances 
  •    Supreme Psyche - increases your attack and spell power based on your maximum mana     
  •    Transcendence - allows you to leave your spirit behind and instantly return to it later