Students of Naturalism Magic tap into the magical essence of nature, including the regenerative powers found throughout all life, as well as the destructive forces of the earth in its ever-changing state.

Spells Gained:

  •    Strangling Vines - conjures vines to ensnare the target and puncture them with thorns over time             
  •    Regrowth - temporarily increases the friendly target's health regeneration                       
  •    Lightning Bolt - summons a bolt of lightning to strike the target, dealing damage           
  •    Barkskin - conjures a layer of protective bark around the target, temporarily increasing armor                   
  •    Cleanse - attempts to remove poison and disease from the target                   
  •    Acid Blast - unleashes acid, damaging all engaged monsters and reducing their armor                 
  •    Earthquake - all monsters periodically take damage and have a chance to be knocked down
  •    Spring - briefly restores health to the caster's group over time               
  •    Cyclone - deals damage to engaged monsters over time and deflects some ranged attacks     
  •    Rebirth - fully restores the friendly target's health              
  •    Astral Walk - instantly teleports the caster to a target monster or player