The school of Necromancy Magic involves communion with death and darkness. The spells cast may be destructive or beneficial, but always involve ghastly and abominable means.

Spells Gained:

  •    Deathly Chill - deals cold damage and causes weakness to the target                 
  •    Soul Trap - conjures a gem when the target monster dies so it can be summoned as a pet                     
  •    Dark Prowess - shadows imbue the target with dark power, increasing their damage done               
  •    Willow Wisp - conjures a ghostly light, allowing the target to see and be seen in the dark                 
  •    Demon Hide - forms a thick, demonic hide around the caster, increasing max health                 
  •    Fear - causes all monsters in the room to become afraid                         
  •    Syphon Soul - drains life from the target and gives it to the caster             
  •    Shadow Spiders - turns the nearby shadows into spider minions who fight as pets       
  •    Blood Rain - deals damage over time to all monsters in the room who are not undead