The Riding skill involves mounted combat abilities such as charging, jousting and trampling over your opponents. As your rank in the Riding skill increases, you are able to ride more advanced mounts.

Abilities Gained:

  •    Charge - while mounted you can CHARGE to attack and engage without using ADVANCE                       
  •    Elevated - increases your size while riding a mount                     
  •    Adept Riding - you are able to ride Adept level mounts             
  •    Trample - CHARGE knocks down standing targets and deals extra damage to prone targets                     
  •    Mount Attack - use MATTACK to attack with your mount, even while unbalanced                     
  •    Jousting - charging deals double damage while wielding a spear or polearm weapon                     
  •    Reinforced Saddles - gives your mount armor rating, stacking with the Armored Steed ability   
  •    Expert Riding - you are able to ride Expert level mounts             
  •    Overrun - when you charge and knock a target prone, you have a chance to not be engaged                     
  •    Master Riding - you are able to ride all mounts             
  •    Deeper Bond - doubles the effectiveness of mounts you ride