There are seven schools of magic available to all mortals:

  • Alteration Magic focuses on the manipulation of space, time and arcane energy.
  • Enchantment Magic involves conjuration, imbuing and mysterious charms.
  • Divinity Magic attempts to entreat the immortal and spiritual forces of the realms.
  • Naturalism Magic harnesses the diverse powers of life, nature and the earth.
  • Illusion Magic attempts to create an advantage by bending light and conjuring visions.
  • Necromancy Magic involves communing with death, darkness, blood and shadows.
  • Evocation Magic aims to wield and unleash the power of the elements.

The great majority of spells are taught at the University of Arcana in the city of Kalmyr.

Use CAST <Spell Name> to ready a spell, then TARGET <Target name> to complete the spell or TARGET alone if there is no target. The caster will usually be unbalanced for a moment before being able to TARGET and complete the spell, while some spells may take effect instantly upon using CAST.

Some spells have additional requirements for casting such as:

  • Somatic - one empty hand must be available to perform a necessary magical gesture
  • Verbal - requires incantation, so the caster cannot be silenced or have their mouth restrained
  • Component - a magical item of some kind is required to aid in the casting of the spell