The Sinshade Family, one of the four main guilds, are said to be the descendants of an ancient group of rogues and assassins in the city of Rhojidan, banded together to increase their wealth and influence. They dug tunnels beneath Rhojidan in order to have access and escape routes, while remaining out of sight by the greater majority.

The Sinshade are generally either behind or well connected to any organized crime in and around Rhojidan. They are often able to escape the hands of justice, while also dealing it out as they see fit. Their most common and preferred intervention is a swift and silent murder. The guild is known for possessing dark and mysterious powers, including their own unique bloodlines, wherein members are said to permanently transform into powerful, demonic versions of their former selves.

Guild Abilities:

  • Blood Money - whenever you kill a humanoid in an especially brutal way, you find extra gold
  • Deathly Embrace - all necrotic damage you deal will heal you for a percentage of the damage done
  • Bloodlines - permanently transform into an enhanced, demonic version of yourself (in development)
  • Legacy - your maximum health and mana will increase with your age
  • More Sinshade abilities are in the works...