The Survival skill centers around your self-sufficiency, resourcefulness and ability to survive dangerous encounters.

Abilities Gained:

  •    Natural Resistance - increases resistance to fire, cold, lightning and poison   
  •    Terrain Knowledge - use SENSE to determine the type of location you are in   
  •    Herbal Remedy - increases all healing you perform on yourself and others                 
  •    Lure Trap - sets a trap which will lure monsters into the room                 
  •    Green Thumb - sometimes find additional items when using FORAGE                   
  •    Campfire - create a campfire in the wilderness which increases regeneration                   
  •    Camouflage - you are automatically hidden while in some types of terrain               
  •    Aid - use AID to heal yourself or an ally for a small amount over a few seconds               
  •    Second Chance - allows you to periodically cheat death and avoid fatal blows