The abilities granted by the Thievery skill center around criminal pursuits like picking locks and pockets.

Abilities Gained:

  •    Hidden Pockets - increases the amount of items you can carry by 5       
  •    Thieves Cant - use CANT to communicate in a secret way only other thieves can interpret           
  •    Cutpurse - the amount of gold you carry increases your surge rating                 
  •    Pick Locks - use PICK to attempt to open a locked door or treasure chest               
  •    Poison Weapon - use POISON to coat the weapon in your right hand with venom       
  •    Avarice - increases your chance of finding loot                   
  •    Palm - use PALM instead of GET or TAKE to pick up items or gold without anyone seeing                       
  •    Coup De Grace - you will always critically strike against immobile targets       
  •    Pickpocket - use STEAL <Target> to attempt to pick the target's pockets             
  •    Peek - use PEEK <Target> on a player to see their inventory or on a monster to see potential drops