The abilities granted by the Thievery skill center around criminal pursuits like picking locks and pockets. Thieves tend to accumulate more gold and treasure over time than uninitiated adventurers. Many of these abilities can result in a bounty when used on innocent victims within city limits.

Abilities Gained:

  •    Hidden Pockets - increases the amount of items you can carry by 5       
  •    Thieves Cant - use CANT to communicate in a secret way only other thieves can interpret           
  •    Cutpurse - the amount of gold you carry increases your surge rating                 
  •    Pick Locks - use PICK to attempt to open a locked door or treasure chest               
  •    Poison Weapon - use POISON to coat the weapon in your right hand with venom       
  •    Avarice - increases your chance of finding loot                   
  •    Palm - use PALM instead of GET or TAKE to pick up items or gold without anyone seeing                       
  •    Coup De Grace - you will always critically strike against immobile targets       
  •    Pickpocket - use STEAL <Target> to attempt to pick the target's pockets             
  •    Peek - use PEEK <Target> on a player to see their inventory or on a monster to see potential drops