The Wild Enclave is one of the four main guilds, consisting of mortals who have chosen a life connected with nature in some form. Whether a ranger trekking across the snowy tundra, a shaman collecting herbs in the forest, or a warrior protecting a sacred valley, members dedicate their lives to understanding and communing with nature in their individual and unique ways.

The main guild hall of the Enclave is a collection of treehouses built into the highest treetops of Faewood Forest, a large grove off the road south of Hessa. The Enclave is also said to have hidden outposts scattered throughout the various wildlands across Alarra, accessible only by guild members. Older members have been known to take on some of the unique characteristics and abilities of wild animals.

Guild Abilities:

  • Wanderlust - gain stat bonuses based on your current natural surroundings
  • Evolution - gain stat bonuses based on the current season
  • Favored Enemy - use HUNT to gain an advantage when fighting a certain monster type
  • Dowsing - use DOWSE to find the nearest available spot for foraging
  • Falconry - release a falcon to explore areas without entering them and retrieve items for you
  • Tattoos - apply temporary runes to your skin to gain beneficial effects
  • Aspects - gain unique powers and traits based on various wild animals (in development)